By: Angad Renjith Pillai Illustrated By: Kanishka Sihka Pillai


Before I start, I need to tell you something. I used to have an Iron-Man doll. I

brought it into my room facing my sisters bed. Thats where it all began...


I tried to sleep but I couldn't.

I felt like something was watching me.

And something was!

I took my blanket off of my head to get some water, That's when I saw my doll.

It was staring at me with its cold, dead eyes.

I was too scared to go and get water so I went to my room, took a pillow, and then

beat the doll down.

I woke up again because I had a feeling my doll was watching me again, And it

was, AGAIN.

I thought that I was imagining this so I put my doll on the other side of the wall

and decided to check the time.

IT WAS 3:00 A.M.

I quickly went to bed and my doll was there.

I made sure everyone was deep asleep.

I picked up my doll then broke it in half by banging it on the side of my bed. I saw

two little feet sticking out of the doll.

I pulled on them and saw the creepiest doll IN THE WORLD!

I tried to break it but I couldn’t. I tried to get rid of it by throwing it in the trash but

when I did throw it into the trash, it was floating behind me.

It started to throw the furniture at me and broke everything. When I ducked to

dodge the table it went flying into my parents bedroom wall waking them up.

Before they could do anything the doll knocked me unconscious.

But before I got knocked out I said to myself that this was all a dream, but the real

question is... was it?



the rise of the arm

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