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Our Mission

Based in Cincinnati and serving the tri-state region of OH, IN and KY, Kairali is a non-profit, non-political, secular cultural organization that offers opportunities, support and services to friends/partners/children of people originating from Kerala (a southern state in India). Among other things, Kairali organizes cultural events to promote cross cultural fellowship. It also organizes many other events throughout the year, and supports charity, educational and community services. The fundamental principles Kairali operates on are:


• Preserve and promote Kerala Cultural heritage
• Provide a venue for members to share and enjoy cultural talents
• Celebrate major festivals of Kerala
• Organize events for socializing among members
• Promote friendship and cultural exchange with other organizations
• Provide social services to Kerala community
• Organize charity events to promote social, educational services
• Include friends and well wishers of people from Kerala in the organization

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