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To the ones who truly are! By Sruthi Sudhagaran

To the ones who truly are!

To the ones with whom you talk to, once in a blue moon, only to feel nothing has changed between both and be able to catch up from where you left!

To the ones to whom you've never had the need to explain yourself despite things like distance and time!

To the ones who drop that one text, to check on you after you've had a long journey or to wish you the best on an important day in your life !

To the ones who check on you after missing your voice in a long time and asks if everything is okay !

To the ones whose contact your fingers look up whenever you feel lost!

To the ones with whom you will be able to talk about anything under the sky without being judged, no matter what!

To the ones who are your safe haven of trust to share things that wouldn't get to the wrong ears at any cost!

To the ones who wish nothing but good for you and you sense them feel so happy for you more than you do!

To the ones with whom you never run out of topics to converse for hours together effortlessly, making you wonder how did so much time fly-by so fast!

To the ones in whose presence you grow together as individuals, bringing out the best in each other!

To the ones who are all ears to listen to you let out without rendering free advices unless solicited!

To the ones around whom you can absolutely be yourself and get into your comfort zone in no time!

To the ones who accept you for whoever you are, without any expectations and respect you for your differences and boundaries!

To the ones who know your pulse,make you feel at home and never get you formality zoned!

To the ones who embrace the tensed,angry, difficult side of you, as same as the loving,sweet version!

To the ones who are concerned but not curious about what's happening in your life!

To the ones around whom you feel all secure and positive,where the way you vibe together says it all!

To the ones who never have the same taste of music,food,travel or anything else as yours but your hearts and souls travel alike!

To the ones whose small deed has touched and changed your life in a profound way!

To the ones who remember the little things you did for them and cherishes it forever!

To the ones whose criticism clearly makes you sense their good intent but never mean to hurt you at any cost!

To the ones who calm you down with their hug when you feel it's never going to be easy to get back up after what you've been through!

To the ones who ask you if they can help you by any means possible, during the toughest phases of your life!

To the ones who have been kind to you in all planets and treats you with dignity always!

To the ones whose pictures and memories bring a fond smile on your face!

To the ones who made a difference in your life staying with you through thick and thin,loving you unconditionally!

To the ones who popped into your mind as you read all of the above,send out your love to them in your own language, for life doesn't give a huge group of such people in everyone's life but you earn a tiny handful of them to treasure for a lifetime!

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