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Short Stories - By Mantra Sanj Nair

Updated: May 2, 2023

Daughter of Sony Nath & Anjali Nair

Mantra Sanj Nair Bio

I am a second grader. I love to dance and write stories.

I also write poems on mundane things that nobody notices and make them interesting. I like to play with my family on weekends and my favorite hobbies are reading and doing gymnastics.

When I am a bat!!

One night I was about to go to bed and I realized I was a bat! I

was so scared that I ran downstairs and saw that my family were

bats too!

It felt weird to be a bat but it also felt kind of nice. I flew

outside and my family followed me. I flew across my neighborhood.

It was such a good view.

I had so much fun and I saw bugs! I started eating them! I tried

to stop myself, but I couldn’t.

I ate all of them with my family and it didn’t taste so bad.! Next,

we flew back home. I turned to a human again and I slept



One day in summerville village I was having a party with my

friends! We decided we could camp near a park! We thought it

would be really fun!

First, we went to the park. Next we set

up our tent! We got firewood for the fire. Last we got

marshmallows, chocolate bars, and graham crackers for s'mores!

Then we were all really hungry so we ate our picnic food. The sky

turned dark. Time for s’mores!!!

We sat by the campfire and roasted the marshmallows! Then we

got a chocolate bar! Last we smushed the two between two

crackers! YUM!!!

After a delicious snack we lay down and watched the stars. Last,

we got our sleeping bags, got into the tent and went to sleep. THE



Oh ceiling, Oh ceiling, why are you so high?

Is there a world up there with tiny people and places?

I wonder why you're up so high, I feel so upside down and won’t

the people fall down?

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