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The sea is a mystery- like a woman

Water sprays form a mist

A balm that soothes pain

Like the caress

Of a woman

The sea has an aura – like a woman

Fathomless vast unsolved

In its darkness at night

Creating intrigue, stirring the mind

Like the fleeting smile

Of a woman

The sea gives life – like a woman

Feeding coaxing nurturing

All beings in her benevolence

An akshaya inspiring growth

Like the throbbing heart

Of a woman

The sea is a beacon – like a woman

Enlivening encouraging enlightening

Showing the chosen path

Gently kissing the feet of lovers

Planning a future

On the threshold of union

Slowly cleansing the karmas

Of penitents in search of moksha

Seek not nadhi moolam

Nor rishi moolam

Say our ancestors

Seek not too

To unravel

The thread that is woman

Beneath that gentle

Gossamer-fine figure

Beats a heart invincible

Powerful as torrents

Like the sea

She is a mystery

Glossary: Akshaya - inexhaustible source Moksha - salvation Nadhi moolam - the source of a river Rishi moolam - the ancestry of sages Note: It is said that one should not seek the source of rivers nor trace the ancestry of sages. This is because the river may have originated in a place where there is a lot of filth and decay. The sage may have been conceived in an illicit relationship or been born to a woman of immoral ways. Instead of reflecting on his origins, one should revere the sage for his holiness and spirituality; just as one savours the cool, clear and cleansing waters of the river, regardless of its source. പ്രഭ


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