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Interview with Dr. Issac Thomas regarding Kidney Health

We are honored and delighted to share valuable lessons on the significance of Health, Fitness and Lifestyle choices for maintenance of sound Kidney health from Dr. Issac Thomas, in today’s edition of ‘Kairali Thalukal’. Doctor graduated with MBBS & MD from Medical college Trivandrum, Kerala. Trained in the United Kingdom & University of Louisville, doctor has been working with The Kidney & Hypertension Center taking care of patients in Northern Kentucky at St. Elizabeth Healthcare Hospitals since the year 2000. He is currently residing with his wife Dr. Lisa, who is also a well-known practicing Rheumatologist, two children who are also gifted young medical professionals/students and elderly parents at their residence in Kentucky. As most of us know, doctor is also a renowned personality within our Malayalee community. Let us listen to nuggets of wisdom from Dr. Issac Thomas. Thank you for watching!

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