Editorial - March 2021

Late in December 2020 when I floated the idea of publishing Newsletter for the community, without missing a beat, Saritha replied “Great idea!”. Obviously, we were apprehensive initially… the question was whether this effort would succeed.

We pondered and brainstormed for a suitable name for the newsletter. There was an inundation of potential names from the committee members. At last, the unanimous decision was to choose Unni’s advice of “Thalukal”.

As we all know, the word “Thalukal” means pages…not only that the term carries the spirit and soul of our venture, but it also reflects the distinctions of the various contents that are expected in each of the editions. The topics will be multifarious…it could range from a one-page poetry or a captivating long story to a beautiful pencil drawing or something on current affairs. I believe this magic word encompasses the essence of what we want to accomplish through this newsletter

During the troubled times, such as now with COVID, it is of paramount importance that we, as a community, must come together…a reason to rejoice and celebrate as a unit. I trust this newsletter becomes a perfect vehicle for our families to share something that evokes memories of warmth, comfort, and satisfaction.

Hope you enjoy this inaugural edition!!!

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