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Drops of emotions!

Drops of salty water that drips down our cheeks for different reasons, under different circumstances. It is an interesting fact they are not only made up of salt but have protein and hormones too! Tears! The quick gush of immense emotions through a very tiny passage in our eyes.Starting with newborn cries from the moment of first breath and ending with dear ones shedding it during the last one, tears have always been an integral part of human life. We grow through so many types of tears during childhood, breakup, parting, joy, sadness, anger, grief, physical pain, disappointment and so on.

Los Angeles based American photographer Rose Lynn Fisher conducted a personal study where she analyzes the complexity of tears in her photo essay titled "The Topography of Tears''. The study revealed that the microscopic structure of tears varied based on their origin. This conveys that our onion tears look different from the heartbreak tears and their chemical compositions are different. Research says that crying releases feel-good chemicals and emotional tears contain more of these stress releasing hormones compared to reflex tears caused due to onions or a dust irritant. Which is why it helps comfort both physical and emotional pain by reducing the stress levels. Certain people instantly let their tears burst out and once done, they are over it. Then there are the ones who don't cry at all and get mistaken for being stone-hearted. They always wish that they aren't judged for not being able to cry and their concern for someone shouldn't be measured by the quantity of their tears. It is because they have it all bottled up in their heart, having their own way of expressing themselves. Then we get to see the crocodile tears that are shed by little kids and of course adults to get what they need. Also there might be times when one doesn't want to cry in front of people. Bathrooms and bedtime pillows are the most common solace at such moments. Happy tears are a whole new dimension to tears that makes the person crying and the ones around them to contagiously absorb the happiness vibes. The good news that wets our eyes even without our knowledge are the ones anyone would love to experience at least a few times in a lifetime. Recalling the popular anonymous quote that reads, " The truth is, Airports have seen the most sincere kisses than wedding halls, Hospitals have heard more prayers than churches! ". Places like Airports,Worship centers,Wedding halls and Hospitals have always seen the genuine tears people shed for their dear ones,either out of happiness, gratefulness or sorrow. A shooting spot is another location where fake tears are generated in the most natural way. Kudos to the most talented artists who can emote instantaneously without glycerin. Needless to mention the endless mega serial tears. That's a whole new level of tear saga. Movie halls or Theaters is another venue which sees tears quite often. Family members at times make fun of their parents or siblings, who cry watching certain kinds of movies. A study by Paul J. Zak, a neuroeconomist at Claremont Graduate University, establishes that those who cry during movies are empathetic and emotionally stronger! Tears transform as time heals. As time flies by, breakup tears transform into a past memory, tears of physical pain disappear into recovery, tears of silly fears transform into a funny memory, tears of failure transform into a life lesson. In contrast, tears of grief sometimes make our eyes well up whenever we tend to talk about or get reminded of a dear one, no matter how far we've moved on with life or however long it is since they're gone. It is because everyone might have that one precious person who has left a mark in their life. Tears are one of nature's own ways to add uniqueness to humankind. More power to all the tears that render us with learnings, life experiences and mould us up as better human beings. All that being said, let's always try to take a moment to think, if our tears are really worth the reason or the person whom it is shed for. A big cheer to those priceless drops of emotions; Tears!

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