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Short Story - By Riketha Menon

Updated: May 2, 2023

Son of Rajesh T K & Renu Menon

How I Got STUCK in a snow globe

Last night, Janie and I went to Janie’s room. We were both sitting on Janie’s bed. “My new snow globe is broken,” Janie said. Both of us went to touch the broken snow globe. Then we were in a snow globe! “What happened?” Janie asked me. I didn’t know but it was a winter wonderland! There were snowflakes and lots of snow.

“I think we are in a snow globe,” I replied. Then, the top shut down. “Hey, look at that polar bear! We should ask him for help, Janie said. “Of course, I can help!” the polar bear said. He showed us a room filled with keys. He grabbed a key and then hid it. “I’ll give you the key only if you have a snowball fight and make a snowman with me”, said the polar bear. By the look of Janie’s face, she didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want to either, but a snowball fight and making a snowman would be nice.

“Okay, let’s start,” the polar bear said. He got his arms and made a snowball. We played until we got tired. “I will give you the key now,” he said. “What about the snowman?” asked Janie. “Let’s do it now,” he said. I made the bottom. Janie made the middle, and the polar bear made the head. I put the accessories in. “Here is the key, bye”, he said, waving. I put the key in the keyhole then me and Janie said, “BYE!!!”. Poof!!! We were in Janie’s room.

“That was Fun,” Janie said. “It was fun but now the snow is gone till next year,” I said.

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