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Poem - Sita Asks

The following poem was presented at The International Society of Poets’ Convention and Symposium held in Washington D.C. on 19th August 2005 at which I received the ‘Outstanding Achievement in Poetry’ Award.


Eleven months in Ravana’s Lanka

In tears and grief with no relief

Save thoughts of you

My Ram, Sri Ram

To prove my virtue

Had not been tainted

To appease the crowd

That doted on you

You deemed it needful

I enter the pyre

A test of faith

The burning pew

Agni Deva led me through

His fiery presence burning seething

To peace and calm vows renewed

Though my heart was hurting bleeding

I ponder now O Ram, Sri Ram

Had my body turned to ashes

In your deed of righteousness

Pawning my life in the embers

Would you not have crowned

As your consort another bedmate

A dutiful woman doubtless royal

The purity within me

Needs no testing

Nor penance

Severe or slight

Though an incarnation

Of Vishnu the serpent-hooded

You were born a man

Handsome godly full-blooded

Not fully absolved nor dissolved

Of the temptation of woman

Show yourself worthy Ram Sri Ram

Of my selfless devotion pure divine

Step into the fire Ram O Ram

Prove your chastity

As I did mine.



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