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Lost and Found !

Lost in sadness, when departing with those farewell hugs and found when having to look for the seat number in flight! Lost in excitement,when finally holding the hands of love in marriage and found when asked to walk three rounds together! Lost in happiness,hearing the first cry of the little one and found when holding the tiny bundle of joy in arms! Lost in anxiety,reading the toughest question in the exam paper and found when spotting the question to which the answer is very well prepared for! Lost in anger,at the brink of an argument and found when talking back casually like nothing ever happened!

Lost in insecurity, when kids test patience and found when they come back to give that hug to exchange the warmth of acceptance that can be found nowhere else! Lost in disappointment, when things don't fall in place and found when realizing something much better is on the way! Lost in grief, when losing a dearest grandma with whom a bigger share of childhood is spent with and found when everyone home now says "your daughter looks so much like grandma"! Lost in love,seeing the most unconditional love of parents and found when reciprocating to it in all possible ways! Lost in emotions,ruled by the heart when confronted with the most challenging situations in life and found when swiftly letting the mind rule to find a solution! Lost in thoughts,when singing a favorite song on stage and found when the audience clapped their hands enjoying it!

Lost in silence, when awestruck with surprises from dear ones and found when somehow managing to figure out those words to thank them!

Lost in solitude, when sitting bored all alone at home and found when spending that time for some self love! Lost in gratitude, for the handful of genuine family and friends and found when bringing a smile on their face in our own little way! Cheers to the most precious humankind "Lost and found" often in so many such profound ways. May this season of gratitude find our space with the warmth of thankfulness and love!

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