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Little Marvels!

They are humankind's lovable little marvels time immemorial! Limitless is how much they teach us every single day, as we grow up along with them through all those teeny tiny yet precious life lessons. Kids! The happy-go-lucky miniature versions of adults, who can be quite an inspiration to anyone, who wishes to see them as one. We all have that "I really wish there was a pause button" moment, when we look at small children enjoying life in their own terms. No matter how much life changes, how mature we become as adults, we all need to agree we do crave for those carefree times at some point of time. So even if not for very long, at least for a short duration, let’s dive into the world of these precious little ones, walking through a few traits they naturally possess as a gift from above and we all once had. "No matter what, I love you for whatever you are!” That is a kid’s idea of love. Accepting their parents and dear ones for whatever they are is absolutely in them. How much ever angry they would be on their mom or dad; they can forgive almost by the wink of an eye and that definitely takes a heart of gold to do so. Kids never make a conscious effort to love their dear ones unconditionally. To never carry that emotional baggage and bounce back to absolutely start afresh every single day is a blessing always bestowed upon them! Resilience at its best form dwells within kids. When the pandemic turned the entire human life upside down, our little ones weren't an exception. Their schools shrunk into a tiny electronic device. Parents do secretly admire the way their kids adapted to a new normal to the best of their ability with as much grace as possible. All midst missing their beloved school friends, the classroom fun, outdoors and their teacher, just like we all miss the privileges that we had before the pandemic. Surprisingly for their age, they are way more patient than adults sometimes when it comes to a certain things like explaining their needs and delaying gratification. At the same time, they are the kings and queens of curiosity, bombarding us with plenty many questions every now and then! Their thirst to learn new things is immense like the deep sea and a beautifully inbuilt feature too! As a consequence of their curiosity, kids love adventure. These tiny champs have the courage to try new things with very less fear or hesitation. Testing their limits, be it trying to climb upon things, jumping from the couch, playing in the mud to get themselves dirty, painting themselves or running far away from the clutches of momma's hands, all they want is to experiment without the fear or humiliation or failure. Just that this is a little harder on the souls that nurture them, the parents! Kids are by far the most straightforward beings on earth! Now that’s again hard to handle for parents though Having the guts to tell something right on one’s face without being bothered how they feel is absolutely a child thing. They don't see the need to impress anyone and so they transparently speak out whatever they feel and feel only what they speak.

A child's smile is the purest thing one can witness of love, as it is straight from the heart. Anger, frown, hug, kiss or love, they mean it all with all their heart and that's something priceless. When there can be nothing pure and adorable like a child's innocence, these ever-natural never-artificial clean slates are very rare to see amongst adults. Simple things like a tiny candy or a balloon is more than enough excite a kid. The ways in which they derive humor and happiness from their surroundings is enormous. A simple funny face can make them laugh heart out when they are in a mood for it. Being fully connected to nature and enjoying by blending themselves in its essence, kids know the art of enjoying life at the moment, at its best! Yes there are tantrums, yes there are bad days, yes they get teary at times and the noise they make is high enough to annoy neighbors once in a while and their mischief knows no limit but they are for sure little marvels for many more reasons as above! As it is time to jump out of the beautiful world of children that we dived into, hope all enjoyed being there for a short while. Not everyone can be couple goals, daughter goals, mother goals, father goals, sibling goals and so on. It is only when we find a best couple, a best daughter, a best mother, a best father or best siblings do we mention that. On contrary, when it comes to kids they are all universally "Happiness goals" anyone can be inspired of and learn from. It is always special to know that we once had all these characteristics too as a child which apparently faded away as part of growing up. Finding the child in us is quite a daunting but possible task. Eventually if we somehow happen to do, let's make sure to never lose that kid ever, for they are the little marvels within each one of us!

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