Arangu Photos

Age Group:

6 - 9 years Non-Classical

Amegha Sreeparvathy Siji, Anugraha Sreeparvathy Siji and Devinanda J Kaimal

10 - 13 years Classical Solo (Bharatanatyam)

First Prize: Vyga Maheshkrishnan Nair

Second Prize: Irene Jinto.

10 - 13 years Non-Classical Group -

First Prize - NG202: Aprana Nair, Nandini Premjith, Niharika Deepak, and Srinethe Sujesh.

Second Prize - NG201: Catherine Palayoor, Irene Ann George, Kanishka Sikha Pillai, Disha Warrier, Caitlyn Palayoor, and Rhea Sara George

14 - 19 years Classical Solo (Bharatanatyam)

First Prize: Meera Rajeev

Second Prize: Maya Nair

14 - 19 years Non-Classical Group

Maya Nair, Nandana Nair, and Sangamitra Reshmy

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