Arangu 2022 Results

Updated: Jul 8

Kairali committee would like to thank each one of you for your wholehearted participation in the Arangu 2022. We will compile the videos of all the participants and post the video to our youtube channel.

Please find the results below:


Classical Solo Male - Junior

First Place: Rishabh Menon

Second Place: Avighnay Sankar

Classical Solo Female - Junior

Jiyana Jijesh

Non-classical Solo Female - Junior

Mantra Sanj Nair

Non-classical Solo Female - Senior

Sharanya Nair


Classical Solo - Senior

First Place: Srinethe Sukesh

Second Place: Irene Jinto

Non-classical Solo- Junior

Mantra Sanj Nair

Non-classical Group - Junior

Amegha Sreeparvathy Siji, Anugraha Sreeparvathy Siji, Devinanda Jyothish Kaimal, Riketha Menon

Non-classical Group - Adult

Soumya Sudhakar, Deepthi Rajagopal, Sruti Vinodh, Sikha Renjith, Sneha Nambiar

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