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Editorial - September 2021

Here we’re with the 3rd edition of “Thalukal”, the Voice of our community!'

The contributions that we received for this edition too have been remarkable. The sketches sent by the young masterminds, from the first grader Bhaavni to the 7th grader Nandini have been exceptional. The sceneries by Aaryan and the flowers by Kanishka are so beautiful. The artwork on bottles by Fizza is quite exquisite and magnificent.

What a great piece by Angad Renjith…I see a Manoj Shyamalan in him…the eerie feeling that Angad could bring in is quite outstanding. Everyone is waiting for the next part...

Hats off to these talented kids!

My observation is that women have extraordinary capabilities than men… to deal with any adversity and life-changing situations. They believe that life is worth living…My theory was beautifully exemplified by Prabha Nair through her poem Sea and Woman. The comparison of women to the Sea was so powerful. While Prabha’s poetry reinforced my notion, the Oru Yakshi Katha by Saritha took me down the memory lanes… to my childhood days…. Vikram Aur Bethaal, the stories that used to come in Ambili Ammavan

Quite fabulous…Enjoy this edition!

Hem Nair.

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