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"A power thought to control all events"

says the "Oxford"

If you have changed

The course of your life

And revel in your supremacy

You have not overcome destiny

It is what was meant to happen

No indication of your power

But that of a force beyond

Destiny spins the wheel

In which we are all bound

Ashoka the emperor turned an ascetic

Clinton's image marred, life disturbed

Sadam the ruler-tyrant, found

Cowering in a dirt hole

A second is all it takes

To have one's standing switched

Celebrated, affluent one moment

Disgraced, homeless the next

Events throwing life into a tumult

An unseen juggler

Tossing lives in the air

Changing positions

With a sleight of hand


a force to be reckoned with


you have left no life untouched



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